Police & Military Attack Oceti Sakowin Treaty Camp

Morton County, ND – Over two hundred multi-state law enforcement and National Guard personnel attacked water protectors gathered on unceded 1851 Oceti Sakowin treaty land just north of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in the late morning of Thursday, October 27th.

Updated on Nov. 1, 2016 – new video

Video below shows police attacking Oceti Sakowin Treaty Camp with pepper spray, less-lethal rounds used at close range, batons, LRAD, and tasers.

For hours, the water protectors attempted to hold back the authorities sent to remove them from the path of the Dakota Access Pipeline towards the Missouri River.

High Mobility Military Vehicle (HMMV) trucks driven by the North Dakota National Guard flanked Highway 1806 on the hills as fires burned at barricades set to slow the authorities’ march.

At close range, law enforcement personnel repeatedly fired a Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) sound cannon at water protectors in an attempt to drive them out. LRAD attacks were expected and many water protectors had earplugs to mitigate likely permanent damage.

Tasers, beanbag shotgun rounds, concussion grenades and batons with sniper rifle overwatch from MRAP and Bearcat armored vehicles, surrounded with HMMVs were depolyed against the Oceti Sakowin (Sioux) people and their supporters.  One Unicorn Riot reporter was struck with a baton by a Hennepin County (MN) deputy acting in a force unit.

In a continuing pattern of foregoing transparency, law enforcement from multiple states concealed their identities by hiding nameplates and badge numbers, which can prevent individual officers from being named and deposed in lawsuits around police brutality and abuse.

Close view of the middle of the formation as law enforcement and military advance:

Tires and debris were burning as law enforcement and military attempted to advance on the highway:

12:40 p.m. LRAD sonic weapon activated to attack water protectors at high intensity:

During the afternoon there was smoke generated on the roadway and objects like tires, logs, were placed:

The elder pictured below in ceremonial garb held a prayer for everyone gathered on Highway 1806 and was arrested shortly after:

Water protectors used lockdown techniques to slow the advance of law enforcement into the Treaty Camp:

1:38 p.m. Humvee driven by National Guard and police in riot gear deployed to protect DAPL site from indigenous water protectors.

2:16 p.m. Highway 1806, North Dakota Tactical Operations force pushing water protectors with MRAP and Bearcat armored vehicles

When North Dakota military and police began pushing into treaty land early this afternoon, DAPL was actively working until people entered the site. #NoDAPL

There were several arrests as water protectors entered the construction site:


A sniper rifle is pointed directly at the crowd:

Later in the afternoon materials at the roadblock near the Morton County Road 134 bridge were still burning, blocking passage for authorities:


The main force unit that was beating people with batons and spraying them with mace was officers from the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office.

Earlier this week, hundreds flooded the City Hall in Minneapolis to condemn the use of Hennepin County deputies and resources being deployed to North Dakota.

Unicorn Riot asked some of the deputies on the frontline why they deployed to North Dakota after the Minneapolis city council issued a declaration in support of Standing Rock, they refused to answer.


A medical triage has been set up at Oceti Sakowin camp, treating dozens of people wounded by militarized law enforcement.

In a press conference earlier this evening, Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier estimated 16 arrests. He also answered “no“, when asked if tasers were used; however video footage shows clearly law enforcement using a taser against water protectors.

As of 7 p.m. CDT, Morton County Sheriff Public Information Officer informed us that an estimated 107 arrests had taken place.

Unicorn Riot will continue to cover events as they develop around the #NoDAPL water protector camps near the Missouri River.

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8 thoughts on “Police & Military Attack Oceti Sakowin Treaty Camp

  1. Skylor

    I’ve been looking everywhere for who to contact to be involved. I’m not native american, but I believe In this cause. Every time a read about it I feel I need to be there helping.

    • ReadDeeply

      You can visit my facebook page, go to Read Deeply ~ I have many contacts. Well, had. There has been no news all day after they cut all the live feeds and streams yesterday.

      BTW Unicorn Riot, this is disappointing; your most recent #noDapl post is 2 days old.

    • I am Canadian, born here. I am white. But I am a product of our nature. Greed is the government. They do not have rights to take what they want. I believe that natives owned this land and named it, before we got here. They were tricked to give their land. They were peaceful and helped white people to survive the winters here from the Mayflower, settlers. This is history. I respect the native culture and admire it. There are good people that are not native that care about our nature and what is right ! There are bad people and good people in all cultures. I just want to say….that this person, me….loves nature, trees, flowers, respects wild life, clean water and clean air. Wisdom, mother earth, who provides for us all to share. But this is not! Stop representing all of us I say to the government! This is a project and this is violence and you are showing your greed and lining your pockets again! This is not a vote amongst the people! No! Our government is crooked and evil and should return to the earth. Our soldiers should stand up against the government and the police as well. We should all stand together! But money is the problem. But you cannot drink money, you cannot eat money. Money is made from trees! How stupid is it to kill trees to make money and kill water to make money! They are decided our fate…and their own. Keep it up and conserve your lands! There are people that understand and are behind you! I just wanted to let you all know. You are very brave! Keep it up! Show your pictures. I am sharing this and passing it on. I cannot afford money made of trees. But I can pass this on. I,m very proud of you all for doing this! You are very brave and strong people!

    • xsincarax

      i would like info on who to contact too

  2. Blou MacKeigan

    I am horrified to see what is happening to these sacred souls ,will get the word out u

  3. pellotier

    your courageous resistancy give us strenghts, even as far as france. We all need to resist to this crazy system; much love to you

  4. Moira jean murdoch

    The people of the world are being forced into the civilization of the car. This evil two tonnes of metallic stupidity forms most of the world from birth. My home was destroyed for a bypass, they tell us global warming is already so advanced as to be probably irreversible. Anadarko wants to Frank our beautiful coast line. Iraq suffers constant foreign occupation. Make a vote for common sense: buy a bike or take a hike.

  5. Delores D'Agostino

    The whites are STILL trying to take everything they can from the true natives of this land. It is a disgrace!

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