Unicorn Riot is a volunteer-operated decentralized media collective made up of multimedia artists and journalists. Born from the Internet in 2015, we operate non-hierarchically, independent of corporate and government funding. Our non-profit media organization currently spans across multiple US cities including Boston, Denver, Minneapolis, and Philadelphia. 

Unicorn Riot’s purpose is to amplify the voices of people who might otherwise go unheard, and broadcast the stories that might otherwise go untold, as we further understanding of dynamic social struggles. We are committed to producing media that exposes root causes of social conflict and explores sustainable alternatives in today’s globalized world.

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Tweet: @UR_Ninja

Email: [email protected]

Unicorn Riot
PO Box 7472
Minneapolis, MN 55407

(Above Video: 2015 Footage)

(Above Video: A decade of independent media leading to the formation of Unicorn Riot)

Unicorn Riot is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and donations are tax deductible.
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