Groups Behind Unite The Right Sued For “Illegal Paramilitary Activity”

Charlottesville, VA – On Thursday, October 12, the Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection (ICAP) at Georgetown Law School filed a criminal complaint in Virginia state court against a list of organizations and individuals. The legal filing seeks to enjoin a variety of groups involved in the Unite The Right event from continuing to conduct “illegal paramilitary activity” in the state of Virginia.

Plantiffs in the lawsuit include the City of Charlottesville, 11 local businesses, 1 corporation owning property in Charlottesville, and 3 neighborhood associations. The complaint, which names a variety of groups and individuals, seeks immediate “declaratory and injunctive relief to prevent Defendants from returning to Virginia organized as military units and engaging in paramilitary activity.

The case made in the complaint seems to center around the government’s alleged monopoly on the organized use of force, the lack of required licenses for self-described armed ‘security’ forces, as well as issues posed by heavily armed militia members in Charlottesville on August 12 being visually indistinguishable from deployed members of the Virginia National Guard. The various militia organizations are described as acting as “private armies” unaccountable to any “civil power.”

Right-wing militias invited to Charlottesville by Unite The Right organizers Jason Kessler and Eli Mosley are also accused in the complaint of “falsely assuming the functions… of law enforcement.

Militia are described in the complaint as purporting to serve as ‘peacekeepers’, while in actuality using the threat of deadly force to intimidate all who would oppose Unite The Right, which the complaint notes included not just confrontational antifascists but also unambiguously peaceful protesters such as clergy.

The complaint cites case law reading “no independent military company has a constitutional right to parade with arms in our cities and towns” as well as a Supreme Court ruling that stated “military organization and military drill…cannot be claimed as a right independent of law.”

The plaintiffs seek to prohibit the organized, armed activity of the named defendants using arguments outside the scope of the Second Amendment, claiming,

“Paramilitary organizations and their leaders (the Alt-Right Defendants) wielded their weapons on August 12 not “as individuals” exercising their Second Amendment rights…but “as members of a fighting force…”

The ‘factual allegations’ laid out in the complaint, include a detailed re-telling of the events of August 11th and 12th, and describes how the night before Unite The Right, various militia groups “engaged in joint training exercises” on a farm property in Unionville, VA.

Defendants Jason Kessler and Eli Mosley are also described as reaching out to recruit militia groups to provide armed security services for Unite The Right – services which, according to the complaint, required a license from the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.

Details asserted in the complaint include evidence of a militaristic command hierarchy that permeated the organizing for Unite The Right, with several militia leaders boasting of having people “serving under” them.

The complaint also makes extensive use of evidence taken from the ‘Charlottesville 2.0’ Discord chat server used to plan for Unite The Right, which we obtained and published in August. Specifically referenced are two different documents shared over Discord with Unite The Right attendees – a “Shields and Shield Tactics Primer” used to train for making a “shield wall” for both offense and defense, and a “General Orders” document distributed by neo-nazi organizer Eli Mosley on August 10. The complaint includes the text of over 40 Discord messages from the ‘Charlottesville 2.0’ server the plantiffs cite as evidence that organizers such as Kessler and Mosley “knew the gathering would likely turn violent.”

The complaint refers to those named in two different ways – the “Alt-Right Defendants” and the “Militia Defendants.” Various individuals and groups are described based on the roles they played on the weekend of August 12.

The “Alt-Right Defendants” include Jason Kessler, who was the primary local Charlottesville organizer for Unite The Right, and the main facilitator for the Charlottesville 2.0 Discord server. He can be seen below at the beginning of the torchlit march on UVA campus on Friday, August 11.

Another key Unite The Right organizer named in the complaint is Eli Mosley (real name Elliot Kline). Mosley was recently appointed as the new leader of the violent white supremacist group Identity Europa. He was one of the main coordinators of the Unite The Right, playing a key role in planning over Discord and in overseeing the military-style units of white supremacists engaging in street violence in and around Emancipation Park on August 12.

Elliot Kline aka ‘Eli Mosley’ (right), speaking to Jason Kessler on August 12 in Charlottesville

The Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP) is named in the complaint, as are Matthew Heimbach and Cesar Hess, two of its leaders. Heimbach and the TWP were one of the main forces behind the April 29 neo-nazi event held in Pikeville, KY to announce the formation of the new “Nationalist Front.” Video from August 12 in Charlottesville shows a Nationalist Front contingent, including a TWP contingent led by Heimbach, violently attacking a group of counter-protesters.

The Nationalist Front contingent, seen in the video above, included delegations of members of League of the South and the National Socialist Movement. The League of the South is named in the complaint, along with two of its Chairmen, Spencer Borum and Michael Tubbs.

The National Socialist Movement is also a defendant along with its “commander” Jeff Schoep (who can also be seen in the video.) The neo-Nazi organization Vanguard America also announced their participation in the Nationalist Front at the April 29 event in Pikeville; ‘Vanguard America’ (whose members as of recently are trying to rebrand themselves as ‘Patriot Front’) is also named as a defendant.

The April 29, 2017 neo-nazi rally in Pikeville, Kentucky was attended by the groups making up the ‘Nationalist Front’ – the Traditionalist Worker Party, the National Socialist Movement, the League of the South, and Vanguard America.

The “Militia Defendants” group includes the Pennsylvania and New York chapters of the Light Foot Militia, as well as Christian Yingling and George Curbelo. Francois Marion is named as a defendant along with his organization American Freedom Keepers, LLC, whose members were recently spotted at the “Mother of All Rallies” pro-Trump event in Washington, DC on September 16. Also on the list of defendants is Ace Baker and his militia organization American Warrior Revolution (AWR).

The lawsuit also two names leftist, anti-racist armed groups – Redneck Revolt and the Socialist Rifle Club – and includes them mixed in on the defendants list with a list of right-wing white supremacist militias without clearly differentiating between them. This has led some to view the lawsuit as enabling a cynical attempt to increase the powers of local and state authorities that by all accounts stood by and did basically nothing on August 12.

Emily Gorcenski, a Charlottesville resident involved in opposing Unite The Right, sent a series of tweets criticizing the lawsuit as harmful to future anti-racist self-defense efforts.

Charlottesville moving to ban paramilitary organizations is just another way the city’s actions will backfire. Militias and guns had very little impact on [August 12]. The city is using [the presence of militias] to excuse their stand down order. The issue on [August 12] were fucking Nazis. Heather was killed because of a car attack. One person fired a gun, but it did not escalate. Now when Nazis come back, our community will be even more defenseless.” – Emily Gorcenski, October 12, 2017

We asked Tanya Weinberg, Director of Media Relations at Georgetown Law, about the inclusion of anti-racist armed groups as defendants in the complaint. She told us  “the Virginia constitutional provision and statutes on which the lawsuit rely bar unauthorized militias and paramilitary activity regardless of ideology.

Richard Preston, a KKK Grand Wizard, fired a single shot towards counter-protesters as he was leaving Emancipation Park on August 12, but no other gunfire was heard or reported that day. Just a short time later, James Alex Fields, Jr. drove his grey Dodge Challenger into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing Heather Heyer and seriously injuring many others that he ran over with his car. Charlottesville residents have claimed that the area where Fields drove into protesters was supposed to have been inaccessible to vehicle traffic that day, as it is often closed when events are held downtown.

Charlottesville authorities have recently come under fire after an arrest warrant was issued for D’Andre Harris, a Black school teacher who was brutally beaten by white supremacists in a parking garage on August 12. The warrant was obtained by League of the South leader Harold Ray Crews presenting altered evidence directly to a local magistrate, effectively bypassing the police who claim they had no part in issuing the warrant. The warrant taken out against Harris is widely considered to be a retaliation after an online campaign led to arrests and criminal charges against several of the white supremacists who beat Harris.

Richard Preston is currently in custody at the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail. He appeared in court on October 12 and claimed that he fired the shot in self-defense and he was denied bond by a judge. On Friday, October 13, Jason Kessler, along with Evan McLaren and Nathan Damigo of Identity Europa, appeared in court in relation to charges filed on August 12. All three were found guilty of failure to disperse and ordered to pay fines; they all reportedly plan to file appeals. Kessler was recently indicted on perjury charges in an unrelated case.


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One thought on “Groups Behind Unite The Right Sued For “Illegal Paramilitary Activity”

  1. Truth reveal

    Funny how all these things filed in court all leave out National Alliance. They were at ALL the 2017 Charlottesville rallies, events. They worked on internet and Discord server, and coordinated and worked intimately w/ David Duke and caravaned with Dukes people. In fact on the way to VA and back from the event they with Duke stopped at William “Will” White Williams II the claimed leader of the National Alliance’s 105 Raccoon Ravine Road (Johnson County) TN home. They even had meals and photo ops. They fully published this information on their 3 web presences and in their mailed NA Bulletin w/ a picture of Williams and Duke after a lunch when the caravan returned out of VA to TN stop over. Further National Alliance is a Virginia non stock Corporation on file with the Virginia State Corporation Commission as a Corporation # 01510809. That Corporation and all other entities related to it are all wholly illegal and non compliant and in violation of many States codes/acts. The National Alliance is in full violation of its own charter ie Articles of Incorporation. Call VASCC clerks office and have them email it to you for FREE. This is a public record. No less than 3 times it states that at all time National Alliance must be in full compliance w/ Federal IRS code 501c3 it is not. It is not even compliant as a non stock corporation, it is also a criminal organization, RICO and violations of Federal Hobbs Act, tax fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, consumer fraud, etc.. It would have to be filed as a for profit stock corporation. Governor Terry McAuliff could END the NA in 1 day. NA is also currently continuing to lie to IRS (18 USC 1001 violations also lying to Federal Agent) and is hiding $1 million in assets. Note the NA has NO presence in VA. And in violation of Va Code/Act has not legal primary offices, or business offices in VA. What they have is a hired registered agent listed. But in violation of the contract with InCorp services Inc they are using THEIR address as the NA Principle VA address. Williams runs it out of WV and his TN home. Yet does not file as is required any of the entities with the TN SOS as a foreign corporation to get authorization to do business in that state, and is also not paying taxes for NA, or National Vanguard Books, Inc, or any other entity. All related persons are also committing personal Tax fraud and not reporting the income under table in cash they get. Williams and his Russian mail order bride co criminal have not reported for decades their income from many sources and crimes. They also commit Federal benefits fraud w/ the SSDI and the US Veterans administration.

    At the WV compound they in violation of WV code (which was actually passed specifically due to the NA) they are doing Paramilitary training. This is also proven and evidenced on many online postings, publications and David Martin Pringles Facebook page. He to get income also invites any militia to come to that WV property to train and states he has created 3 180 degree shooting ranges, and a urban warfare shoot house, etc. They have talked of “detonations” “discharges” “bombs” and “ordinance” and to get people up there in a hurry to train before they all “hit the road” for all these across nation planned riots. They also state that the race war had begun and that “Turner” is now.. (Turner Diaries). Also in WV property is drugs, drug use, and members of law enforcement in both WV State Police and the Pocahontas County Sheriffs Dept that support and protect them, and also many jail/prison guards are full members and on the property often shooting, and training, drinking and doing drugs. Yet they also do this along side convicted criminals on “home detention” wearing GPS ankle monitors, some who are life time felons.. who also do drugs (some even manufacture drugs/sell & trade drugs), drink and shoot GUNS, and commit crimes all while supposedly “incarcerated” for convictions of many crimes. Like gun and drug crimes and theft and breakins, some even manslaughter. That person who burped on discord recording is believed by many to be David Martin Pringle 12/6/1968 ss3 548-67-1051 He drives a silver toyota truck w/ Louisianna plates B742 030 that is illegal and not registered in WV, despite him living there since Easter Sunday March 27, 2016. He drives drunk all the time on public roads in that truck. Recently many out of state people from the last charlotteville flash event stopped in WV, some from Colorado, all did shooting. The local and State LEOS know ALL of this, as well the Dept of Corrections, the Governors office and the AG (those last 2 listed also included those who prior held office last year) Not one person, dept or agency has responded appropriately to any of this. Further the last sheriff of 8 years just left in disgust beginning 2017 stated there was profound corruption, and also he was told from Governors office not to go after large drug rings. He also stated that the county prosecutor Eugene Simmons and other LEOS were protecting the NA and Williams, that they were all corrupt criminals. David Pringle is a gunsmith and makes “ghost guns” and silencers. Also some talk that that guy busted with car full of loaded full auto guns and ammo in TN Scott A. Edmiston is connected to Pringle and the NA. That from the Duke inner circle w/ Don Black and Stormfront is “Jay” of Stormfront radio people call “jay hess” but he is really Albert Wesley Hess, Jr and HE is now living on the WV NA compound with Pringle. (this is a proven fact, his vehicle still has his FL plates) He too does drugs, and traveled back to FL, LA, and TN and brought more to WV onto the property. This week Pringle, and his jail guard right hand man Shaun Kelly have paid for someone to buy a bunch of pot in Colorado and bring it to them in WV. Also IF anyone were to search these GPS home detention criminals homes they will find drugs, and guns they are Randy Thompson, Linda Thompson, and Dewitt “Dee” Thompson (the muliti violent felon ONLY let out on some BS that he was dying of drug related several types of hepatitis. Yet all these NA losers share things back and forth with him to their mouths. Joe Thomson was manufacturing meth w/ his brother Randy at home (and LEOS fully knew) but he got busted for something and is “back in” a real jail presently. The only reason Pringle wasn’t personally at Charlottesville 2.0 was he had a quad accident (public records) Aug 3. When he had accident felon Dee Thompson took all the fire arms hand and high powered rifles w/ sniper scopes OFF the quad and off Pringle (who had just fired 3 shots) and took them and hid them in his home while they called 911. THAT info is even caught on audio. There is audio of Pringle Sunday after Charlottesville fiasco being so upset from his doped up and disabled state post right leg surgury and living on a chair in the National Alliance office/a WV Church.. did scream and fire 3 shots of a gun from inside the church/office out the door that is also on audio. As well many shootings 1 night 100s of rounds some full auto as 30 rounds discharged in seconds, firing many types of firearms to felony witness intimation, felony obstruction of justice, tied to Federal Hobbs and RICO, and WV code violations shot around homes of WV states victims/witnesses to threaten them and make demands. there have also been many reported shootings, home invasions, breaking and enterings, thefts/larcenies, of which the WV State Police, and the Sheriffs dept w/ the obstructing Prosecuting Attorney Simmons do NOTHING about since 2015. This includes many threats, assaults, batteries, and attempted homicides. The National Alliance are the REAL violent threat, the REAL domestic terrorists, proven violent criminals, and the one w/ assets yet none of the media, or court suites, or injunctions mention them. Pay attention to that. I can also tell you that it is fully proven and documented that SPLC is protecting Williams, Pringle and the National Alliance.. stated it would be bad business model, bad for $$ business to end them.. and they need the big bad enemy w/ hype and history of Turner Diaries, and connections to Oklahoma etc to use in their fund raising schemes. They need the boogie man. They are also working w/ Google intimately in $$ partnership to censor the internet. (and that came from INSIDE SPLC). So do NOT rely on them for info at all. Play them to get them to give info, but do your own research and check things out yourselves. Same Hope not Hate is a proven $ scam, and they do not do what they say they do, and also have perverts running it.

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