Solecast #21 “Post-Work Politics & Surveillance”

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Solecast 21 includes an interview with DePaul University adjunct Professor Brendan Mcquade. Brendan is a writer for Jacobin Magazine & Counterpunch, he is currently teaching a course at DePaul entitled “Post Work Politics, Digital Labor & Surveillance.” The conversation is a highly informative talk on what modern day labor struggles could look like in the wake of Black Lives Matter & Occupy.

Topics discussed include:

  • The precarious class
  • Basic income for all & moving beyond petty labor demands
  • Building on the labor & income concepts put forth by Martin Luther King & Black Power movements
  • Digital labor
  • Reproductive labor & womens’ rights
  • Fusion centers as “urban pacification” & an in-depth look at how that has played out in Camden, New Jersey

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