Land Defenders Storm Construction Site to Protect Water

Standing Rock Reservation, ND – As Monday’s protest grew, construction was halted after a group of tribal women led tribal protesters and allies onto the Dakota Access Pipeline site.

Since the protests began last Wednesday, each morning has begun with a ceremony and prayer at the gates to the Dakota Access Pipeline Construction site. On Monday, five arrests were made after North Dakota State Troopers gave dispersal orders and protesters stood their ground.

After making arrests, police formed a line as construction crews erected two rows of concrete barriers.

As construction continued, the number of protesters quickly grew near the concrete barriers. Protesters prayed at the newly erected barricades as the daily surveillance plane circled above.

In the afternoon, construction crews moved more heavy machinery onto the land.

Eventually, a group of indigenous women stormed the DAPL construction site and halted work, placing their bodies around the machinery. Unicorn Riot was told by one tribal protester that they needed to “defend water for the future generations.”

As various tribes & allies respond to calls of solidarity and continue to arrive, the protest shows no sign of slowing. The Dakota Access Pipeline LLC has threatened to sue any protesters who obstruct work. They’ve begun by targeting Dave Archambault, tribal chair of the Standing Rock Nation.

In recent news, Enbridge Energy Partners L.P., part of the Enbridge companies which were responsible for the Kalamazoo River oil spill, has bought a minority stake in the DAPL.

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4 thoughts on “Land Defenders Storm Construction Site to Protect Water

  1. Steven Williams

    I think it’s so kool what y’all are doing – keep it up

    I also say you need to get out and vote those assholes out of office that made this possible

  2. Plesse surpport our People and come join the struggle for mother earth

  3. Thank a

  4. Kate Graham

    Sugar in the deisel tanks … this allegedly mucks them up.

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