20 Arrested During #NoDAPL Lockdown, Including 2 Unicorn Riot Journalists

Morton County, ND – Multiple lockdowns took place at two Dakota Access Pipeline construction sites in Morton County North Dakota. All work was stopped for the day as police arrested twenty people, including targeting and arresting two Unicorn Riot journalists.

Water Protectors Arrested by Militarized Police from Unicorn Riot.

Unicorn Riot covered both actions and were live to record the militarized response and mass arrest at the first site.

The non-violent direct action, which included white allies performing the lock downs, started in the morning in rural Morton County, North Dakota.

A surveillance plane and helicopter circled overhead while police on the ground blocked all road access to both sites.

Construction equipment was still warm as people locked down to stop the laying of the pipeline. Fresh trenches dug deep in the earth showed that pipes had just been laid.

A second non-violent direct action,  which also shut down pipeline work for the day, occurred in a separate location.

At the second location, workers shared their joy with the water protectors as they left their equipment for the day.

As the second site stopped work, dozens of riot police arrived to the first site, armed with assault rifles and less-lethal weapons. Around 20 people were arrested at the site of the #NoDAPL lockdown, including medics and two Unicorn Riot journalists.

As arrests were under way, Facebook’s automatic censor system blocked our live video stream.

So they’re pointing at everyone with cameras saying, he’s going, she’s going…So, it seems like they’re targeting media for arrest. We might be getting arrested here…” – Unicorn Riot journalist, via live video stream, just before being arrested.

Here’s the livestream of some of the arrests as well as the minutes right before Unicorn Riot journalists are arrested:

UPDATE: Both Unicorn Riot journalists were bonded out of jail after being booked on misdemeanor charges of Criminal Trespass.

The Morton County Sheriff’s Office lists 23 people as having been arrested and all are charged with Criminal Trespass. In a press release issued on Wednesday, Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier announced added charges for the water protectors who used lockboxes to attach themselves to Dakota Access Pipeline construction machinery.

Carlo Voli and Corey Maxa were arrested Tuesday, September 13th and will face an additional charge of reckless endangerment for attaching themselves to equipment…

The Morton County States Attorney’s office will pursue felony charges against the protesters who attached themselves to equipment due to the seriousness of the crime. Law enforcement officers are put in a dangerous situation when freeing these individuals, there is also a danger posed to DAPL, their workers and equipment along with the protester putting themselves also in a dangerous circumstance. We continue to encourage people to protest in peaceful and lawful manners.” – Morton County Sheriff 9/14/16 Press Release

For more information on the increased charges levied against those who locked down, visit our report from Wednesday’s actions and legal updates.

For a recap from the month of August’s action, see below.

September 2016

For our coverage earlier this spring of the Sacred Stone Camp, see May 27th report, “Dakota Access Pipeline Blockade Enters 2nd Month“; May 5th, “Sacred Stone Camp Resists Dakota Access Pipeline“; April 3rd, “Tribal Citizens Build Camp in Path of Oil Pipeline“; March 29th, “Tribal Citizens Prepare to Blockade Bakken Oil Pipeline“.


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19 thoughts on “20 Arrested During #NoDAPL Lockdown, Including 2 Unicorn Riot Journalists

  1. Milford a Dawson

    Very heavily armed ,bullet proof vests and riot helmets bullet proof visors!

  2. Barry Epstein

    Americans are no longer governed, they’re ruled by their corporate owned government.

  3. E Richards

    We stand in solidarity with all native ppl-thank you UR for all you do for our ppl-mad love to all always. Forever in our hearts <3

  4. Jaunita Heatwole

    Looks to me like they are making sure no one will be able to show what is happening. No matter how hard they try what happens will come out . No one is blind to the cause any longer. The Nation stands together with our Brothers & Sisters at Standing Rock . We all stand strong and proud for what is right.

  5. Helen slattery

    Looks like the law is intimidating and trying to start chaos. Don’t fall for it.

  6. C. L. Kieffer

    The Musuem of Indian Arts and Culture in Santa Fe,New Mexico is doing an exhibit on what is happening in Standing Rock. We are looking for photos and videos that can be exhibited. If you are interested in helping us spread the word about what is going on, please contact me.

  7. Katherine Vermillion

    Cowards. Scared little man puppets.


    I am totally confused! Either yesterday or the day before, word on the internet was that all work has ceased on the pipeline and that it would not continue.. So was that false information being shared or has something changed? Please update as I have seen very little in the way of sharing this New? information. Actually this link has been the only one. Thanks

  9. Jorge Piscina

    I think you are the heroes. Unfortunately the politicians corporations and the average American will go along with this kind of Neo Nazi behavior. THEY ARE TO STUPID TO UNDERSTAND ANYMORE. When the police come and arrest them for some created reason
    It will be too late. I hope you are successful.

  10. cynthia linet

    How do I share this on facebook?

    • Alberta

      Stop this illegal invasion of IndIa lands and water rights. Watch these videos
      Keep up the support.

  11. Kim Baldridge

    I am so very disgusted and appalled over this. Once again in our FREE Nation, first people’s rights are being walked all over by private, money hungry, land stealing, blood sucking big business. I was confident that it was over with when Obama stepped in but, as usual, the polluting companies win with underhanded, violent tactical attacks on innocent people trying to protect our world for the future generations. WHEN WILL IT END!!!!!!

    Stand strong.

  13. David

    For every 20 people they arrest, 200 people need to take their places. It’s time for the people of this nation to take a stand against tyranny, corruption, greed, corporations and the plundering and poisoning of our natural resources. They are killing or eco system and our people.

  14. Jennir

    Didn’t Obama overrule the high court judge, and bring an end to work on the pipeline? How can the arrestees be guilty of trespass if they are there as the guests of the native landowners? Confused, Australia.
    PS Please take good care of our beloved Benny Zable xx

    • Sen Choi

      I think you are talking about the Keystone XL pipeline, no this is the Dakota Access Pipeline.

      I know, America has too many pipelines and they are not guilty of trespass, the CEO of DAPL is. They also have their own non-government police.

  15. Karen Dinan

    What an amazing documentation of this whole thing.

  16. Elaine Meeker

    How can anyone exercise a peaceful demonstration which is their right and have access roads blocked and to top it off with the arrests of these same demonstrators? I see this as a felony charge to hold anyone from leaving if that person so chooses to come and go in a peaceful way but the way I hear, read and view, this is not the case. What crime is it to film any part of this demonstration.

  17. kenneth olsen

    national guard is not for the nation or the people oil pays there way and will do what ever they tell them even if it means shooting unarmed people its not in history books but it is the american way of take what you want by any means nessesary

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