Homeless Forced Out of Tents and into Snowstorm by Denver Police

Denver, CO – In the early morning of December 15th, Denver police forced dozens of homeless community members of Resurrection Village into blizzard conditions. Since their tiny homes action on Oct. 24th, Resurrection Village members have been sleeping near various unused empty lots owned by the Denver Housing Authority and had set up tents the night before to provide temporary shelter from the impending snowstorm.


Unicorn Riot was at the scene of the newly fashioned tent city and documented Denver Police threatening everyone with arrest if they did not dismantle their camp.

Police arrived around 6am in the midst of hard snowfall and brutal winds while everyone was warm, dry and sleeping.

DPD then ordered the community to dismantle their tents and disperse.

We were able to livestream the encounter:

Denver Police’s response on twitter was to tweet about their homeless outreach and goal of getting everyone out of the cold.

Police suggested that if the Resurrection Village camp was placed somewhere unseen they would have been left alone. A homeless community member responded by stating,

“If you’re trying to change something, you don’t go and hide, you bring it to the forefront.”

From The Gathering Place “The Metro Denver Homeless Initiative conducts a Point-In-Time survey every year to assess the demographics of homelessness in our community. The last survey was taken in January of 2015 and found that 6,130 individuals were experiencing homelessness in the seven county Metro Denver area.”

Specifics on Denver’s unethical Urban Camping Ban are described in the video below by a member of Denver Homeless Outloud who conducted a city wide survey of Denver’s houseless population in 2013.

Unicorn Riot coverage on Denver’s housing crisis:

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7 thoughts on “Homeless Forced Out of Tents and into Snowstorm by Denver Police

  1. Joe

    So why don’t the police cite these criminals for sleeping you ask. David Lane is why. If the DPD issues just one ticket for the urban camping ban David will get them and there unconstitutional law thrown out. They said if they were out of site they would be left alone. Have any of you walked 16 after say midnight. There are dozens sleeping near the chess boards in harassed. This was targeted and planned malice

    • Renee Peterson

      Homelessness can happy to any single one of us with just a flip of the switch.. One must never lose sight of the fact we all have basic needs and we all bleed feel and love…

  2. this is so sad, the cops are acting like vicious gangs! I, as a veteran, am ashamed of Denver!

  3. Julie Pardini

    If there were any deaths as a result of this exposure to the cold, the police responsible should be brought up on manslaughter charges.
    There are laws for animal cruelty, if evidenced on the street, through the SPCA special phone number. Animal cruelty is against the law. People are arrested.
    YET, cruelty against people is tolerated? THAT should be against the law–regardless of who is perpetrating the unlawful cruelty.

  4. M.K. Hajdin

    I wonder if these cops ever wonder why the public hates them, or do they know but just don’t care.

  5. butiki

    I love the way they describe it as “experiencing homelessness” like it’s not quite the same thing as actually being homeless.

  6. allright!!!

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